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View Thread: Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen
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    , Bass wrote


    But what is the point? Is switching to NT going to make anything better for end users? Developers? I fail to see how. The only thing it _might_ do is make Microsoft's software more maintainable in the future, but it also _might_ introduce new complexities and bugs.

    If Microsoft never made WinCE, it would be a different story. In that case it would be perfect sense to extend WinNT to support phones. But they already invested decades of engineering to make a kernel optimized for embedded devices and phones, and throwing that away just seems... like a bad idea?


    what i wonder about is how they got to where they are?

    for example when planning the windows phone 7 did they look at where windows v next was going and did they look at what the future of windows CE might look like?

    on the surface it seems like windows phone 7 is almost a "practice run" and tossing it after really only one version seems like poor planing when the first version was created.

    but perhaps this was a result of things that were changing while WP7 was beeing created.