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    @cbae:" When authentic religious people post condescending things like this, it suggests that they don't respect other people's religious beliefs or lack thereof."

    No it just means that he is just communicating where he stands.  Instead of inflamming a situation just move on and lets see what happens.  If he is a troll when he doesnt get attention he will move on.

    " Religious people can ask for respect of their beliefs, but they shouldn't expect it when they're both patronizing and proselytizing."

    And you are being what?  Patronizing and proselytizing.  Who is the troll here?

    "I suspected that you were a poe from the start, but obviously I could be wrong. And that's really what makes poes what they are--they're indistinguishable from those that are being sincere."

    Wait and see what happens and dont feed the trolls.