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View Thread: Microsoft have outdone Apple. Period!
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    I honestly cannot tell if this thread is ironic or not.

    Me being serious now: Metro is "nice", and it works on mobile devices because it cleanly and clearly displays information, that's fine.

    And we've all seen that it doesn't work as well on a desktop. The same UI designed for 1024x768 is simply upscaled for 1920x1200.

    ...and I'm actually getting a bit "seasick" of Metro's bold and contrast-y design, in much the same way I almost felt physically nauseous over Vista's sea-green colour scheme (thankfully 7 sorted it out and introduced more neutral blues).

    I'm of the opinion that an OS should not have a strong visual identity of its own (by 'strong' I mean like how Metro is, it's incredibly pervasive). Don't think I don't want consistency (I'm a huge proponent of it) but I think Metro mandates too much.

    I'm not alone in feeling this: many people I've spoken to have expressed similar "fatigue" over "METRO ALL THE THINGS!" and just want to go back to the not-so-in-your-face classic desktop.

    I'll analogise Windows 8 to the New Coke: enough people will write letters of complaint, comparing the new thing to some form of excrement and then they'll introduce "Windows Classic" 2 years later.

    Another analogy I made was:

    [20:26:56] Me: I think Windows 8 will be Microsoft's Mirrors Edge to Apple's Portal
    [20:27:06] Leo: hah, nice analogy
    [20:27:17] Me: i.e.: give them praise for experimenting and coming up with something new, original, and fun to use ... but it just "doesn't work" in some vague undefined way