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View Thread: Microsoft have outdone Apple. Period!
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    I think it doubtless that from pure usability standpoint, the new Windows 8 is acres and acres better than any iDevice to date. I know that a fair amount of developers here are finding it hard to deal with a dual functionality operating system (with refinement changes imminent and inevitable),from a pure tablet based standpoint, I would trade my iPad in on e-bay tomorrow, and replace it with a windows tablet were they available.

    There have been some astute observations buy some niners, including the guy that stated indecision about any .NET making it into WinRT - had this been the case this operating system would have been a failure - I just hope Steve Jobs or any of his team can fess up and say that Microsoft "dun good". Boy they really dun good!

    Credit must go to the Windows Phone team, where the key Metro design emerged, subsequently taken and refined by the Windows team. The usual suspect niner developers that complain about UI are implacable, so ignore their cries, they are smart and we love them, but we take them out shopping and not the other way around.

    I also wish Fanbaby, Bass and our open source unit can be man enough and admit that this operating system is a thing of beauty, instead of trying to find capital in Silverlight is dead posts, this is now boring and nauseating, please change your tune.