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View Thread: Microsoft have outdone Apple. Period!
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    OK, I have a confession. I have never seen anything as beautiful as Win8. And I'm not talking UI here!

    Yes, the Metro UI will set the standard in design for many, many years to come, and in all sort of industries. You will see it in movie titles, on soup cans, and what not. Thank god Microsoft has patented the fonts! Soon Apple would have copied it as it has shamelessly done in the past. Not to mention UNIX free-loaders who were stopped at the last moment from redoing their man pages in Metro.

    But that's not the thing of beauty i'm talking about. No sir. It's the internals. I have never ever seen this level of CS. Teaching CS is never going to be the same. Tennenbaum Shmennenbaum. Books will be rewritten. nothing will ever e the same.

    Browser theory and history will also need a rewrite. Who will remember those puny little browsers who never managed to go above 7 FPS. HAHAHA, 7 FPS!