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View Thread: Microsoft have outdone Apple. Period!
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    ,sysrpl wrote

    What's the matter with you geeks? Do you really want to use the metro interface (an interface that dumbs down the entire OS and all the applications) so very much?

    It doesn't dumb anything down, it just "streamlines" the experience so you can do common tasks more quickly and easily (it's true, except that "common tasks" are what Joe Users want to do: email, the web, the sort of things you used to hear in the old "Get a Mac" ads on TV).

    I hear they're going to slightly "metro-ify" Office 2014, but this could mean anything from keeping the current UI for "classic" users and introducing a new "Metro mode" (think: for tablets) to just replacing all the icons in Office 2014 with ridiculously oversized text.