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View Thread: Microsoft increases cost of Enterprise products across the board
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    @Harlequin:There are a lot of "I think"s and not too many "I know"s there.

    I KNOW that we decided not to upgrade to Win8 and will be down-grading all pre-installed purchases to Win7.

    Our business is overwhelmingly desktop/laptop oriented, running 'traditional' Windows apps.

    Service packs don't change the basic way the UI works, and so these don't create the problems as we foresee with upgrading to Win8.

    Regardless of any merits that Win8 may or may-not have, at the end of the day, we simply don't consider it worth the cost impact on our business at this point.

    That's not to say we won't support Win8 on tablets and WP8 on applicable devices, but this is going to be a trivially small number of devices for us.

    As for the increase in user CAL pricing, I'm not fully across this yet, but I don't believe this impacts our current volume agreement until it next comes up for renewal. As I see it, it's MS addressing the way user CALs are being used in the BYOD environment.