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View Thread: Microsoft insists: YOU WILL LOVE OUR ALL CAPS MENUS!!!!1!!!
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    Michael Butler

    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote


    Yeah nobody needs tools and menus anymore. We should all memorize every shortcut key VS has to offer. Then there would be no fussing about icon color nor menu casing. I guess that would give us something like this (but without the menu of course). Content is king! Perplexed


    I was only speaking from personal experience. I've been using Visual Studio since it was called Visual C++. Over the years, I've found that the shortcut keys are just more natural especially as most of my time I'm typing rather than mousing. (Maybe a hangover from my DOS days)

    But as for icon colour, yes that was an issue. But the new release candidate seems to have sorted out the issues i had with the colouring (or lack of it)