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View Thread: Microsoft, its a time to create your Brand Computer
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    While I undestand MS position regarding its Windows ecosystem, I have to give credit to Dovella: MS releasing its own computing (PC/Tablet/Phone) hardware keeps crossing my mind.

    Not like MS is going to do it but they should certainly be more agresive with OEMs, at very least a big time corporate letter, telling them "stop ruining the Windows experience with your cr@p, its your busines too to the one you are ruining".  And while they are at it start poiniting fingers and slaping someone on the face, for allowing device manufactures to create such major mess they eagerly call "device drivers" with their unconsistent and horrible GUIs, and anoying poping messages all the time, devices included in this complain goes from mouses, all the way to printers, passing through wifi drivers.  Couple of years ago I created a thread here on C9, regarding this issue.

    A good step in the right direction is the Microsoft Signature program, but they need to expand it much more, and quickly