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View Thread: Microsoft may release Office for Linux
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    @evildictaitor: I have to disagree.  OpenOffice is tolerable if you never plan on interacting with someone that uses MS Office, and even then it's a little lacking in features (although you can probably get by if you only use it occasionally or for minor things).

    The second you try to send a document to someone with Word or open a Word document, prepare for a world of hurt.  The formatting is impossibly bad.  In addition, me and my mate were unable to get it to print anything remotely resembling what the document was supposed to look like but I'm not going to say that's indicative of the program since we're only a small subset of its userbase.  Could be a configuration problem or something.

    Also, I don't know if anyone else considers Outlook to be part of "Office", but that's a huge integral part of most companies I've worked for, and the US government at least as well.  I personally have had very little luck finding a mail client that handles Exchange properly.  Usually I'm told "Just use IMAP instead," which is a bit like me saying I want a car and being told to ride a bike instead.

    Anyway, sorry, I know this isn't a bash on OO thread.  I actually welcome the possibility of Office on Linux, personally.  I enjoy using Linux, and it'd be nice to not be forced into using OO as well if I choose to do so.