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View Thread: Microsoft pulls-in effort to kill Ethernet!
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    Sven Groot

    @wastingtimewithforums: You do realize that every wifi device has an "airplane mode", which they are required by the FAA to have to be allowed to use those devices on aircraft, which means that disabling a wifi connection is actually even easier than most wired connections.

    My laptop has a button on it to disable the wifi. If I want to "pull" my wired connection on the desktop I have to crawl under the desk. Which is easier?

    Also, wireless connections are slower, less reliable, suffer from interference and airspace congestion, are harder to provision in large buildings, and less secure no matter how many layers of encryption you throw on them. Wired connections are not going away any time soon and to think that MS is involved in some kind of conspiracy to kill wired connections is frankly absurd even for you.

    EDIT: Speaking of wireless connections, it's kind of weird that MSR Cambridge offers no wireless connection for personal devices brought to work. There's both wired and wireless corpnet, but only MS-issued and installed devices are allowed to connect to corpnet. There's guest wifi (and wired), but employees are legally not permitted to use that. And that's it, there's nothing else. Apparently they're working on providing something, but there's legal reasons why this is so difficult for some reason.