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Microsoft say my legit XP is a pirate

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    My friend asked me to format his PC, which I did, however when it came to reinstalling Windows XP the media that was supplied with his PC was corrupt, thus not allowing me to get it back up and running.

    My friend managed to locate an authentic Windows XP CD from another friend and used that to install Windows XP... He has his original XP Key on the back of his PC on the authentic windows sticker; however, the windows authentic thing has kicked in and now he can't log into his PC.  After calling them up he says they claimed the version he has is a pirate and they won't help him.

    Whats a boy to do?

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    Maddus Mattus

    Download the CD's from the manifacturor and reinstall.

    The serial number on the back of the PC only works in combination with that CD and not with an original Windows XP CD.

    They put all sorts of "usefull" programs in there.

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    @Jaz:That's odd, I always thought that would work fine. Are you sure you matched up the correct versions? e.g. XP SP2 Home key has to go with an XP
    SP2 Home disc.

    Of course, it's also possible it really is pirated and was sold to your friend as legit. Is the PC from a major OEM?

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    With XP the key is checked during installation, IIRC (can't remember whether the change ever got backported) so if the software installed you should at least have the right type of key for your installation media. That being the case, your best bet is to give Microsoft a ring and they'll usually sort it out for you. It may be that your friends key has been swiped by someone with a keygen or it may be that something in the current instalation is making Windows think it's on a different PC than it was previously.

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    If there is a sticker on the PC, then you need an OEM CD.

    There is a method for turning a retail CD into an OEM CD. I won't say how or where to find such information, but it's out there.

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