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    , evildictait​or wrote

    Microsoft - and frankly their competitors - would be better if we held all technology companies to the same standards.


    Surface capacities woes, e.g.

    If we (as a technology community) were better at choosing our battles with Microsoft, we might win some of them, whereas when we waste precious air fighting the battles that have been lost (like the start menu) or which don't matter (like sidebar gadgets) then Microsoft just gets really good at ignoring you.

    Even if you argue reasonably, constructive criticism goes beyond just sitting around a table and discussing issues and solutions in a calm manner. It also means arguing for solutions that are actually feasible, that have some chance of actually coming to light. On your end, you can come up with ideal solutions that work for everyone, but if you have no view of the discussions happening inside, those ideas just might not make any sense in light of the company's vision/goals.