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View Thread: Microsoft spoof , no more DirectX
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    @felix9: I wonder if they meant Managed DirectX, which certainly has been dead for years, or even DirectX as opposed to Direct3D which has also been on the decline.

    Dropping DirectX per se sounds baffling, since its a critical component in DWM, puts Microsoft right at the core of major graphics discussions such as those with NVidia and ATI, it's critical to WinPho, supported in Win8 including Metro-mode, and as far as I can tell, due to be the graphics subsystem used by the Xbox-720.

    It just doesn't "sound right" that Microsoft would drop support for DirectX as a whole. It's like them announcing that they're dropping audio support from future versions of Windows. When you read it you can only come to the conclusion that they either "said it wrong" (like the word refers to something else internally to externally).