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    , felix9 wrote

    @evildictaitor: your conclusion is pretty much the same as the original post:

    Its just poorly worded.

    But, recently we've heard too much things from Microsoft that 'doesnt sound right' in the first, but have different level of truth in it, like 'Silverlight is DEAD'(we heard it before SL5 was released), 'Start menu is DEAD', 'XNA is DEAD', 'Desktop is LEGACY', '.NET is deprecated, JavaScript is your futrue', 'No WP7 or CE tablets, Windows (7) is for tablets!' etc etc, we really can't be sure, pretty much anything can happen these days.

    I think perhaps the take-home message from that is that you shouldn't read too much into what the Microsoft Press office, individual executives or even in this case official Microsoft mailshots, because often they say things that the responsible team knows is false (such as Desktop being "legacy" or ".NET" being deprecated).

    Of course, I'm sure some people will take it as a leak from those evil wizards up in the black towers of Redmond, (and since everything dies eventually if they wait long enough I'm sure they'll be back with an "I told you so" when they eventually cancel product X many years down the line), but it looks to me more like an epic case of incompetence from whoever sent out the mailshot.