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    , evildictait​or wrote


    Cool. So you've decended into personal attacks, called me a liar and just called me delusional, derailed the entire thread, and you wonder why people call you a troll.

    Cheevo unlocked; Third thread derailed and locked in as many days.

    You're forgetting it takes two to tango. Let's take a look at the score shall we?

    Seems to me you started the personal attacks here:

    Looks more like a childish personal attack because you didn't like seeing your own words read back to you.

    So I'm childish now? That goes nicely with the liar inference you've made about me in resent threads.

    I think we're 1 - 1 on locked threads. This one was closed when you posted you're twisted version of what I said.

    In this thread my last post did close the thread but I find it funny that it was an example of your great work in misconstruing peoples words.

    Liar? That's a stretch but then again stretches are you're specialty. I'm sorry if that's the way you feel.

    Face it EvilD you are no better than I in keeping these threads positive and on topic. If it's a criticism that you disagree with then the person making it is disingenuous at best and more likely a troll in your book.

    Oh and this thread's not locked yet...