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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , BitFlipper wrote

    @wkempf: I don't know about that. While I agree starting endless threads about how much Windows 8 sucks probably doesn't help, telling people to stop complaining about Windows 8 isn't the right approach either. If everyone followed that advice then MS would start thinking Windows 8 was actually a good idea.

    My personal reason for complaining is that to me Windows 8 is a clear step backwards, and it does affect me since I spend a lot of time doing real work in Windows. I've given it quite a bit of time now and it annoys me more and more each day. MS is going out of their way to destroy 20 years of UI refinement, I think complaining about it is to be expected. And saying "we get it" misses the point completely.

    If it annoys you guys so much, why do you take the time to consciously click, read and comment on threads that are clearly marked with an accurate title? It's an honest question.

    When us geeks complain it probably doesn't make much of a difference. Microsoft has grown immune to such things over the years unfortunately.
    The problem is that the regular person ISN'T complaining and not because they don't have anything to complain about, it's just that increasingly they don't care. Can't the high up people at MS see that this is a dangerous step towards the company becoming irrelevant at least in the regular every day consumer market?
    PLUS The people who sell computers don't feel comfortable even pretending to be enthusiastic about selling a Win8 machine that isn't portable and touch enabled so they've pretty much given up too.

    You see, the people who actually matter just don't care as much as they would have back in the Vista days (some people only use their phones and barely touch a computer anymore) so Microsoft isn't feeling the negativity as much and this isn't good for a giant company that live in a bubble in Redmond.

    There is still a huge amount of non-touch computers out there (even with all the phone and tablet usage) so not letting us geeks and the slow to upgrade corporate customers use Win8 the way we want to is just a dumb move.
    It may be a transitional product but this transition was made much too abruptly with no way to customize it in a way that would make it acceptable to everyone.

    When I get a portable touch enabled device I will be happy to use this new stuff because it's quite nice but I have two big non-touch IPS panels sitting in front of me (at arms length), a mouse and a keyboard and very little of the new interface is well suited to my hardware.