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In general, I want there to be some sort of connection between an app on the metro side and its associated desktop application.

I couldn't agree more.  I develop applications for mobile computers that integrate with a variety of hardware.  Creating a Modern app would seem to be a natural step in the evolution of our product.  But we cannot access much of that hardware from a Modern app, and what's worse, we cannot communicate with a desktop application or Windows service that does have access to that hardware.

By "cannot", I mean without the sideloading and loopback exemption hacks that would create a nightmare for the thousands of disparate IT groups we support.

My message to Microsoft:  Give developers the power of desktop applications in the Modern world.  This MUST happen if your vision of reducing and finally removing the desktop from existence can ever come true.


  • My Modern apps need to communicate with each other without user interaction.
  • My Modern apps need to be extensible (pluggable).
  • We need to be able to sideload our Modern apps on tablets/computers that are NOT part of a domain.  Our LOB customers do not have big IT departments.  In many cases, the IT department is the guy who figured out how to set a password on the wireless router.