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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , Ian2 wrote

    IMO It is way too early to declare anything.

    That excuse gets old. Three months of failings in the market is enough for a re-evaluation.

    Windows 8: Weak sales, multiple usability experts slam it, people all over the net post huge posts going through all the various UI disasters of it (and this time Windows devs and admins, not the usual anti-MS brigade) annoyed partners and OEMs, longtime developers speaking out against it, mostly sub-par reviews..

    Even science magazines join the W8 slam:

    And for good reason.

    The bestselling notebooks on run ChromeOS and MacOS now.

    and the bestelling notebook on Amazon Germany runs .. DOS!

    Seriously, here's the top 10 list.

    Asus F55A-SX091D

    It was released on November 6, 2012 - just in time for for the W8 release.


    You know a Windows version is bad if such a product is the Number One bestseller since months.
    There is a law in Germany that allows the re-selling of OEM Windows versions. That means you can buy "refurbished" Win7 versions very cheaply (they cost around $70). It's very likely that people buy this DOS notebook and put one of these Win7 OEM versions on it (otherwise they would buy just a W8 device. The cheap W8 upgrade version also can't be installed on blank HDs).

    It's NOT NORMAL that a DOS device is the number 1 seller in one of the wealthiest markets. Without W8, this wouldn't have happen.

    W8 is doing worse than Vista in stats, despite the Christmas boost. let not forget that.

    Complaints common to Windows releases: interface details, hardware suitability, bugs, sticker price.

    Complaints NOT common to Windows releases: high profile employee termination, public mudslinging at external entities, 52 week stock lows RIGHT AFTER RELEASE, significant sales slowdown, massive price hikes on other products to compensate for slow sales, near universal lukewarm to negative press, expensive marketing campaigns that produce no results, DOS devices being number one sellers right after release of new Windows version...

    Even the W8 standlone upgrade is doing badly:

    The more expensive Win7 Home Premium is selling better than W8 Pro upgrade.

    Clinging to Windows 8 as it is right now is not rational on Microsoft's part.