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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    PaoloM wrote

    And it appears that Win8 is pulling its weight. So much for the doom and gloom...

    Yeah and WPF/SL isn't dead either. Time to break out the rainbows and fairies...oh wait


    , contextfree` wrote


    MS is well aware that people are caring less about Windows and PCs lately - that's why they decided a radical change like Win8 was necessary in the first place.

    This is all just IMO...

    I agree they needed a radical change but it's too little too late. They needed something incredible to attract the consumer market and to gain trust and acceptance in the corporate market. Instead they put out what looks like an unfinished beta of some OS that doesn't know what it is. They did themselves no favors by putting out the experiments that were the Kin and WP7 (beta for WP8). They severely strained a legacy of great developer relationships with how they handled WPF/SL and the lack of a future for the desktop (or at least some story). Radical? Yes. Successful? Not looking like it... And that frustrates the hell out of me.