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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , BitFlipper wrote

    telling people to stop complaining about Windows 8 isn't the right approach either.

    ... And saying "we get it" misses the point completely.

    It's not telling people to stop's telling them to stop shoving their complaints down our throats to put us in a defensive position for no good reason other than to annoy us. We're not the ones who made the decisions that the haters seem to hate. Microsoft is the responsible entity...go complain to them.

    Now, if the reason people keep prattling on and on about their hatred for these things is to convert people to "their side" in order to incite some mass online protest against Microsoft's actions in Windows 8's not going to work. People here aren't stupid so as to mindlessly change their opinion, especially to support the efforts of those who have relegated themselves to copying and pasting, from random threads, anonymous comments that reflect their world view.


    "We get it" doesn't mean to stop finding fault - it means to stop slinging the same thoughts our way and to instead promote proper discourse around reasonable solutions.