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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    Exclusive Microsoft blames PC makers for underwhelming Windows 8 sales over
    Christmas, The Register has learned. The software giant accused manufacturers of
    not building enough attractive Win 8-powered touchscreen tablets.


    But the computer makers are fighting back: they claimed that if they'd followed Microsoft's hardware requirements and ramped up production, they'd have ended up building a lot of high-end expensive slabs that consumers didn't understand nor want.


    Our well-placed source said that bad sales combined with PC makers "ignoring" Microsoft's advice has left Redmond executives fuming.

    Now Microsoft is planning to reboot its launch of Windows 8 next month. On Tuesday the company gave 9 February as the date for the US and Canada unveiling of the Intel-powered Surface Pro tablets. But sources tell us Microsoft is actually preparing for a February "relaunch" of Windows 8.

    "Microsoft is not blaming itself for not selling enough Surface, it's blaming OEMs for not having enough touch-based product," our supply chain source said. [!]

    No, it could have nothing to do with the dozens UI of issues and various usability regressions of W8, that thing is just perfect! Boy, they have really thick skull with this so-so product. It's like they are in collective trance. Just like with the new Office.

    So, W8 relaunch in February.. The most dormant time frame of the year for commerce.. This will be surely a hit!

    And what's with the obsession that "touch" is the savior in this? Quote from another blog: 
    Proclaiming that the future of computing is "touch" is like saying the future of eating is by using your fingers.

    Knives and forks? How primitive! Roll up your sleeves and get in there and get dirty! WEEEEEEE!!!! The only button that matters anymore is the 'PURCHASE NOW' button...because we don't actually do anything useful on our machines except stare slack-jawed at moronic YouTube vids.

    Also, read this.