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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , contextfree` wrote


    MS is well aware that people are caring less about Windows and PCs lately - that's why they decided a radical change like Win8 was necessary in the first place.

    but they could have done that without removing the ability for non-touch users to use the new OS in the way that is more acceptable to them

    It's not like we're asking for something new to fix a problem. We're just asking for them to put something back so we can have a smoother transition from the old way and the new way during the years that all the older non-touch computers are still being used.
    Win 8 seems to be a great modern OS and that's what makes this situation so annoying to those of us who haven't yet got a modern touch enabled device but would like to use it OR the people who have bought a new computer that doesn't have a touchscreeen that has Win8 pre-installed on it but find it clumsy compared to the old Win7 interface.

    Our (us nerds) complaints make it seem to the average non-nerd as if Win8 is a bad OS when obviously it's not. They don't get that we're complaining about usability and the inability to customize it to something that suits the way we work, not stability or any deep technical problem with drivers, compatibility and such like in the days of Vista.