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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , Visible = False wrote

    Post-app world? This talk of post-this and post-that is ridiculous. All these devices are still personal computers of different sizes. They are designed with the same principles. But now we have a post-app world?? What does that even mean?

    In the pre-app world applications could do real damage to your machine. They ran as your user, and they did actions on the machine on your behalf.

    Apps are different. They aren't trusted to do actions on your behalf, and they must be sandboxed to prevent damage to your machine.

    Apps are not new - not on PCs or elsewhere. We've had flash games for forever on PCs and apps have always been the main way of interacting with smartphones.

    The difference is that on PCs you've never been able to install native programs that genuinely can't do damage to your machine. They can't install other software, they can be installed and uninstalled without litterring your machine, and they must declare upfront manifests of how they intend to operate.

    iOS, Android and Windows8 are good examples of post-app OSes. Windows7 and to a lesser degree, Linux and MacOSX are a pre-app OSes because native code you found on the Internet for them is dangerousunattributablenon-selfdescribing, non-centralized and does not necessarily cleanly uninstall.