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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , kettch wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums: I read through some of the "questions" posted to B8. They weren't questions. There were no usage scenarios, reasonable discussions of issues, or constructive criticism. 99.99% of it was "waaa waaa, it's different and I don't want it".

    And yet, such censorship actions didn't occur before to such extend.

    If W8 provoked these reactions, you better ask why. 

    " waaa waaa, it's different and I don't want it".

    So, where's the big success story of W8? Almost all sales news are gloomy, and so is the general perception of the OS as a whole. Was there ANY OEM that spoke positive about W8 so far? 

    Multiple big OEMs have cancelled/halted their RT devices instead.

    If there are lots of "waa waa I don't want it" voices, maybe there is some truth to it. W8 defenders are like the "Year Of The Linux Desktop" people of the past - "greatest OS ever! It's only that the users are far too dumb and stuck!"

    And if the only reason (...) W8 isn't selling is because of the PC decline: Wasn't W8 supposed to tackle this? Windows 8's commercial performance on tablets is even worse than on PCs apparently. It's not like they are cancelling RT devices because OEMs are about damaging MS first, profits second.

    Anyway guys, since you dislike it so much, I will slowdown the W8 output.