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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    Just a few bits to add to the conversation:

    I think it's fair to make these complaints regarding what one dislikes about what Microsoft is doing, and the way that Microsoft handles it.

    I also think it's better to be constructive.  Don't just say I hate X without first explaining your reasoning for hating X, and also offer an alternative solution.  Saying I hate X because it's X doesn't do a thing to solve the issue. Without explain why you dislike something, it does come off as whining.

    I think one of the reasons why the echo chamber has gotten so loud concerning Win 8, was that the normal feedback channels that have existed have suddenly "vanished".  MSConnect for all the good things that it does, has ultimately failed when people file feedback only to have the issue closed as design.  It often feels that the issue raised, has been dismissed out of hand without proper explanation.  After filing numerous issues to help the team work on usability items and bugs only to have them "dismissed" by design.  One stops filing the feedback when one feels that it will be ignored.  It's work to leave feedback, and when you are working for nothing you will soon stop.

    If a bug is closed for design reasons, make a post about the design, the reasons why, and the decision making process, then link to that post every time that "bug" or "ui feature" or suggestion is closed, so that someone has more to go on then just "closed".  They may not agree with the decision, but at least they understand.  I understand the building windows blogs were supposed to handle some of this, I just think that in the end it wasn't a two way conversation.  I believe the blog alienated a bunch of Microsoft users, instead of reassuring them.

    I have been one to complain in these forums before, but I always tried to be somewhat clear in what my complaints were and why I complained, and what I thought Ms should do.

    I will say that overall, Windows 8 is a step in the right direction.  I think the Surface is an awesome product, that could use just a couple of "tweaks" to be perfect.

    Channel 9 was developed and designed for the two way communication between the mothership in Redmond and the end developers and professionals.  A way to understand.  I think the company getting back to those roots will be the cornerstone of success.