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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    No, the problem is that Windows 8 is a solution in search for a problem. have any of you tought before W8 "dang, I wish I could stretch my arms out to poke the screen!" ? The tablet and smartphone form factors are entirely different in handling to how you use a PC or laptop most of the time.

    Ignoring the loaded question, yes, I have wanted to "reach out and poke the screen". I know I'm not alone in this, either, as it's a common complaint that after using a touch screen device it's common to find yourself "poking" non-touch screens out of habit. More to the point, a device like the Surface is something I've been wishing existed for the last ten years, and such a device couldn't exist without Windows 8 (or a similar radical change from the old UX). So I'm sorry, but you're simply wrong. Whether or not Windows 8 UX is good, it was not a solution in search of a problem.

    Seriously, you moaners need to give it up. We get it. You don't like it. Telling us again won't make us (or Microsoft) "get it" any better than we already have.

    Put another way: millions of people complaining will get Microsoft's attention, but one person complaining a million times won't. While the reality is somewhere in between those two statements, it doesn't change the fact that YOU screaming some more does nothing but make you look like a moron.