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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , MasterPie wrote

    Instead of locating my mouse cursor and trying to align it with precision over a scrollbar control that is far away from the content I am looking at, I've always just wanted to flick the page up or down.

    I've talked about this before. I owned a touch screen laptop long before Win8 came around. I constantly find myself dismissing dialogs with the touch screen rather than using the keyboard, trackpad or even the mouse (I use a mouse with my laptop frequently). It's easier, more intuitive and with the exception of using the keyboard, faster. I also scroll fairly frequently using the touch screen as well. On the desktop things will be *slightly* different, as the monitor is a bit further away. However, I *have* wanted to purchase a touch screen monitor because I love the touch screen on my laptop so much.

    , MasterPie wrote

    I think they're just lonely. They want other people to "join them" in their opinions/likes/dislikes so they won't feel alone anymore.

    That's pretty much what I said is stupid here. No one is going to "join them" because they whine and moan so much. If anything, this behavior will have the opposite result.