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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , contextfree` wrote

    I don't quite get why in this situation I wouldn't just keep it as a desktop app at least until the API and/or hardware situation improves. I mean, where is the requirement to make a "metro" app actually coming from?

    Our software is mobile in nature.  Our clients are, thusly, salivating over the iPads and Android devices, and now Windows 8/RT devices.

    Now, our mobile apps are designed to use a keyboard and mouse.  If they want a tablet, we'll have to start over on the UI front.  That's a big step... so I'm looking at the future.  Is WinRT the future for developing on the Microsoft stack?  I go back to my original post:

    My message to Microsoft:  Give developers the power of desktop applications in the Modern world.  This MUST happen if your vision of reducing and finally removing the desktop from existence can ever come true.

    I need to develop on a stable platform.  The Windows platform appears to be a moving target right now.  If I am to invest my software development in this platform, I need to know:

    1. Will Microsoft build out WinRT as the ultimate replacement for Win32 and desktop applications?
    2. If so, will the WinRT platform incorporate these use cases I have described?

    My assumption for question 1 is "yes".  I have to assume that, since Microsoft may have put their entire company on the line with this new platform.  My current answer to 2 seems to still be "no", or at least, "not without hassle".  If that is going to change in the next couple of years, I'll start porting my application to WinRT.  Otherwise, I may need to look into another mobile platform.