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View Thread: Microsoft still in denial phase over W8.. possible "relaunch" in February
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    , Hometoy wrote

    Personally, I have gone through some UI changes on the Linux front (Gnome2, Gnome -shell, Unity, KDE, Xfce, etc.) and the one thing I have gathered from this is that you cannot go into a new interface and expect it to run just like the other interfaces.  It's a mind-set that most people haven't had to use because Windows has predominantly stayed the same in a UI manner since 95!

    No, the problem is that Windows 8 is a solution in search for a problem. have any of you tought before W8 "dang, I wish I could stretch my arms out to poke the screen!" ? The tablet and smartphone form factors are entirely different in handling to how you use a PC or laptop most of the time.

    The apparently lackluster sales and extreme opposition to W8 show it. And all the "wait & see" stuff and claiming it's all just because unfamiliarity doesn't cut it. The iPhone and iPad were unfamiliar too, yet they sold. But with Windows 8 we've got rejection reactions like DOS computers being number one bestsellers in major markets to avoid W8. Pretty much all the market reactions have been considerable negative.

    This comment nails it:

    And the Windows 8 disaster unfolds as predicted by thousands of analysts and technical evaluators, all of whom were 100% ignored by supremely arrogant and completely tone-deaf Microsoft management. It's going to be one of the worst years in a very long time for PC vendors and retailers, and it's all because those fools stupidly drank the Windows 8 Kool-Aid without considering what was in the cup.

    Touch screen laptops were a miserable failure two years ago when they were promoted as the next "must have" gadget. Don't know why Microsoft thought things would be different now. No one really needs touch on a PC, and all Windows 8 does is turn a vastly overpriced touch-screen-enabled PC into a cellphone look-alike with an interface that looks like it was ripped off from 1996 AOL. Gosh, who wouda thunk consumers wouldn't jump at a deal like that!

    And does Microsoft really expect 100 million CAD/CAM designers, accountants, and other industrial content makers and knowledge workers to hold their arms up all day inaccurately poking smudges on their 42" vertical monitors with their fat fingers, working at 1/100th the speed as before Windows 8 with 1000 times the physical effort?

    Also, you need to read this.