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    The first reason Deutsche Bank listed today for cutting its PC estimates this quarter was a "lackluster initial uptake of Windows 8," in a research note from analyst Chris Whitmore.

    After citing the impact of amorphous factors like "macro weakness" and the "fiscal cliff," Whitmore continues. As in past cycles we expect the introduction of a new Microsoft OS to spur an increase in PC demand. However...we believe Win8 will have a more muted impact than prior cycles for a several reasons: 1) Win8 reviews are mixed due to a confusing UI; 2) there is a lack of Enterprise interest in Window 8; 3) tablet form factor complicates positioning (Win8 vs. Windows RT), 4) continued substitution of PCs by iPads/tablets 4).

    Windows 8's "confusing UI", aka user interface, is becoming a theme for analysts. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen said essentially the same thing today in a report.

    And Topeka Capital Markets chimed in, saying Windows 8 orders have been weak.

    "Much lower than...PC makers originally expected a few months ago," according to Topeka analyst Brian White.

    Computerworld, which has tracked usage patterns of Windows 8 in the months leading up to, and including, the launch, found that the new operating system "is being run by less than a fifth as many people as ran Windows 7 in the same months before its debut."


    This is getting too hot to handle. After the so-so reviews of Windows 8 and Surface, there's now a barrage of articles about the rumours of bad sales, the whole Sinofsky affair, the "bad usability" article by Nielsen is making its round (Deja vu.. remember Gutmann's Vista DRM article? Only this time the issues are real!) the reviews are reaching a catatrophic state.. it's bad! You can't deny that the current atmosphere for Windows 8 is nothing short of catastrophic. And it will get worse once the special offer prices will go up to normal state. (MS can't keep them forever this low I think)

    It's getting worse than Vista. And for a good reason. I have listed in this thread enough Win8 failings, I won't repeat that huge list again.

    Microsoft needs to counteract NOW. Promise a free "Classic Desktop Pack" that puts Win8 into a usable state for the vast majority of customers and get starting on it now. Clear up the desktop developer story ASAP (will WPF be revived or wil WinRT be enhanced to run on the desktop and be an able replacement of WPF? [no "one window only" crap!]), get a desktop version of the store maybe (on the desktop it must be an optional, not mandatory-one! Unless they want another shitstorm).

    On the tablet side Microsoft should adding up immediately the missing bits so that tablet-only users don't need to jiggle between the metro and desktop side back and forth (control panel!). Announce it now that these are coming up for free.

    The whole pseudo no-compromise stuff idea has been a catastrophic failure, they need to act. And they need to act now. And they need to swallow their pride over this.