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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    "Crippled? Really? How?"

    • OneNote could record video & audio (not with OfficeRT)
    • OneNote supports handwriting recognition (not like Officex86; OfficeRT doesn't support handwriting directly on the page. You have to write via the ink input method and use your finger or capacitive stylus. Oh and yes it sucks.)

    This can be summed up far easier: It's a Notro app, so of COURSE it's crippled! Or even more simpler: It's Windows 8!

    The user in this thread thought that the all new start orb behavior is a bug:

    Will Microsoft be fixing the issue with start button, where if one is using a mouse and moves to the bottom left side of screen to make the Start button appear


    Nothing against the OP, but that post is further proof what a trainwreck Win8 is.

    Reading the comments on Windows 8 is equally good fun:

    Apple is missing a golden opportunity if they do not bring back the PC guy and Mac guy commercials. I have used every version of Windows since Windows 2 and this is the worst. Most user unfriendly system I have ever used. I needed a new computer and bought computer with windows 8 because I had not choice. When you have to go out on the internet to find out how to shutdown your computer, that is a problem. I have to use Safari browser to download software. Common programs such as Adobe acrobat reader would not download and install using internet explorer. When I tried to download IE 9 my computer states it is installed, but I have not a clue as to how to search for it, since I cannot find a search box as in other versions of Windows. This may force me to buy a MAC. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista or XP. DO NOT UPGRADE!!!

    After going through some of these helpless pleas of Windows 8 victims I invented a game - "Designofail". It involves reconstructing Sinofksy's genius design decisions to find out which of them drove the user to tears.

    In this case, the user tried to wrestle the beast known as Metro IE, but the beast withstood taming, almost like the beasts in the Bible. Metro IE has problems running the installers of software like Adobe Reader, which like only 99% of the computer using populace is using. Since Sinosky's motto was "no compromise", any double digit percentage number, no matter how high, was not enough to change course.

    The user probably used the search function to find software in previous versions, and now that this function is gone, his/her navigation is utterly broken. Oh, I know what you want to say: "But WastingTimeWithForums! Windows 8 HAS a search function, I used it myself searching for the power off button!"

    Ya, sure, and there's a chance that below your feet right now is a huge oil field.. if you only knew that! The Metro start screen offers absolutely no indication that it is searchable. It's full of little news items and ad-like graphics. It resembles something like, only that CNN HAS a search box! Would you "just start typing" at, if the site had no visible search box?

    Let's move to Paul Thurrot:


    I heard from first couple of people who bought cheap (as majority of people do) Widows 8 laptops and boy the hate them! They can't find Start menu which for them means there are no apps in desktop mode. They go to App Store where they still can't find their favourite programs, or if they find and install they don't work way they expect (i.e. Skype). They go to Internet (using Metro IE version) and it doesn't play videos on their favourite websites (flash). They open a file from desktop and it opens in full screen Metro app with no obvious way to close it...


    Let's go designofail on this one.. Oh, I can already hear you! "They can't find Start Menu"? But WastingTimeWithForums,  there IS a Start Screen! I use it to pin my favourite porn sites onto it!" Yea, but Grandmaster S. has forgotten to add an MRU list to it! DOH!

    How do users find newly installed programs usually? The Start Menu highlights newly installed programs until you start them. The fullscreen successor does not and drowns them instead in a seizure inducing mass of jiggling squares.

    Designofail on Skype: Notro Skype is a debacle: "Insanely unintuitive, The idea that one's parents were sitting in front of this piece of software is funny and sad at the same time,  made the editorial shaking their heads in disbelief".

    They open a file from desktop and it opens in full screen Metro app with no obvious way to close it... - They wanted to simplify Windows 8. That's why instead of clicking on an easy to spot bright red X, (that's faaar to power user for the common idiot to understand) you need to "grab" the application by its invisible head and drag it down the drain so that it can disappear. At least the approach is very apt for Windows 8.

    Back to Amazon:


    What a PAINFUL experience!!

    NO SHUT DOWN/RESTART/SLEEP button on Start page or Desktop or anywhere except
    buried in a Settings Menu!! - Why a con: This is just STUPID! Its stupid on
    Android, and on other devices that don't have a soft SHUT DOWN button on the
    home/default start page and its stupid here too!

    NO START MENU!!! - Why a con: You have to switch back and forth to the Metro UI
    START Pages, right click to turn on all aps and end up paging thru multiple
    pages of icons or using search & hunting for what you want. I did install a
    widget that gave me a Start menu, it was Ok.

    Yes, I asked for HELP:
    I called Microsoft .. Start Menu & Shut off: Tech response: Sorry you can't have a Start Menu or a shut off button, Windows 8 is for Tongue Out new technology and touch screens. Tongue Out


    Oh, if Notrocula is for touch devices, WHY IS IT DEFAULT ON LAPTOPS AND DESKTOPS TOO, HMMM?!?

    The phantom limb.. device OS. It needs devices, 90% of the existing customers don't have, nor desire.

    Look it's very simple guys. "Green Megaman" goes with "Red Megaman" and "Yellow  Megaman" to make the "Ultra Mega Megaman." You have to have all 3 or it doesn't  work, see?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Windows 8! Were tasks get simplified by invisible controls, essential functions work best with phantom devices and computer newbies get help by removing any visual cues. I hope you tune in next week when Steven Sinofsky shows you on his new show on cable how fishing is far more easier using screwdrivers and toothbrushes instead of fishing rods. Stay tuned!