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    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    Regardless of all that, I like the changes in Windows 8, the hardware of the Surface, and the basic idea around the RT model, which is to have Windows be able to run on ARM.

    If you have some 3G/4G data card or mobile wi-fi hotspot, is there a way for it use that to get GPS information?

    I would have preferred Windows to run well on ARM. RT is a mixed bag and IMO not worth the investment right now on the part of consumers. The hardware is too expensive and the software, well, it's pretty limited right now. Even the baked-in Office is problematic. Niche at best...

    3G/4G/WiFi != GPS. The best 3G/4G/WiFi can do is identify your approximate location based on proximity to a tower or WiFi hotspot. With 3G/4G they can use tower triangulation but it's still not pinpoint like GPS. WiFi is a mixed bag because they have to know about the WiFi hotspots in your vicinity in order to know your approximate location. My daughter fits the stereotype when it comes to directions so the more accurate the better hence no SurfaceRT for her (aside from the crippled OneNote which is what she lives by)