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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    Notro COURSE crippled! ...! ... Hillarious... proof ... trainwreck  Designofail Sinofksy's genius  tears wrestle the beast ... like the beasts in the Bible. ... 99% of the computer using populace is using.  "no compromise"...and now that this function is gone, utterly broken. 

    Ya, sure, if you only knew that!  no indication like, only that CNN HAS a search box!

    designofail I can  hear you! I use it to pin my favourite porn sites onto it! DOH!

    a seizure inducing mass of jiggling squares. Designofail Notro Skype debacle faaar power user common idiot drag it down the drain 

    Notrocula CAPITAL LETTERS ARE GREAT, HMMM?!?  phantom limb.. 90% of existing customers don't have. Green Megaman Red Megaman Yellow Megaman Ultra Mega Megaman.

    Stay tuned!

    I abbreviated your post for those who couldn't be bothered to wade through it.

    I think I captured the gist of it.