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Notro COURSE crippled! ...! ... Hillarious... proof ... trainwreck  Designofail Sinofksy's genius  tears wrestle the beast ... like the beasts in the Bible. ... 99% of the computer using populace is using.  "no compromise"...and now that this function is gone, ...is utterly broken. 

Ya, sure, if you only knew that!  no indication like cnn.com, only that CNN HAS a search box!

designofail I can  hear you! I use it to pin my favourite porn sites onto it! DOH!

a seizure inducing mass of jiggling squares. Designofail Notro Skype debacle faaar power user common idiot drag it down the drain 

Notrocula CAPITAL LETTERS ARE GREAT, HMMM?!?  phantom limb.. 90% of existing customers don't have. Green Megaman Red Megaman Yellow Megaman Ultra Mega Megaman.

Stay tuned!

I abbreviated your post for those who couldn't be bothered to wade through it.

I think I captured the gist of it.