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    , C9Matt wrote


    Wrong. Windows RT is perfectly capable of running desktop programs; the code is all there so that you could hapilly run WoW or Firefox or Open Office or Visual Studio.

    The reason you can't run those on Windows RT isn't because Windows RT can't, it's because Microsoft won't let you.

    Yea, I know that. What I meant is that the salesperson made a huge speech about how "Microsoft has decided that [...]" .. explaining just that, that it's theoretically possible, but MS decided not to on purpose (except for Office)

    Customer calls it quits for good after that explanation..


    , C9Matt wrote


    Microsoft is playing stupid politics with the Windows RT devices; there's no technical reason why it has to suck. It just sucks because someone at Microsoft decided it should.

    That's true for the whole W8 line up. Windows 8 has huge issues, but it's not like they are unfixable, it's a mess on purpose.

    That's why I am pretty annoyed at the Vista/Win8 comparisons, comparing Vista to Windows 8 is flattering Windows 8. Vista's problems were accidental bugs and issues (it's not like the team wanted those speed problems), while pretty much all flaws of 8 are by design and on purpose. That's hundred times worse.

    Too bad the Windows CE name is already taken, would fit Windows 8 quite well ("Congress Editon")