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    Well given the context of the below expected sales figures, I guess on some level it justifies another round of Why-Windows-8-Sucks.

    I'm pro-MS in general but I have to say every single point raised is valid and of concern. I hate the direction MS is taking Windows into. I have nothing against the concept of Metro, however making it so integral with the desktop, and crippling the desktop in the process is a mistake.

    In fact I even suggested exactly the Metro concept before we knew anything about it, it is just that I think they broke the tried-and-tested desktop for no benefit whatsoever that anybody can seem to come up with. I can joke and say Windows 8 was my idea (see link above), but I'd hate to be associated with the direction Windows 8 is going into (yes I don't really think it was my idea, but the suggestions I made in that thread was essentially spot-on).

    It is interesting to see the objections in that thread to the Metro idea. "Once you've decided to run Windows on an ultramobile device, you've already failed."