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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    It takes a step backwards? Could you explain? I haven't occupied myself with the WP8 topic and have no idea what's going on with it.

    Anyway, here's a heretical thought: Maybe the reason people don't buy WP devices is that they just don't like them? For most people, a smartphone is still somewhat toyish, a mobile game console thing. And what's the Metro design about? Mono-color and artsy crap about how "typography is beautiful". Yeah, prime example of product meets target audience.. every Metro device so far failed (Zune, Kin, WP7..) maybe that could be a hint, huh?


    See this thread for starters on WP8 back-stepping.

    I like WP8/7's UI. It's just as a smartphone it's not overwhelmingly better than anything else. I am puzzled on how it doesn't seem to get the buzz Apple does for being shiny.


    How do they think businesses will cozy up to this? How do you rewrite one of these huge custom biz apps with sprawling windows etc. for the Metro environment?

    Yep. Here's an example of what they are thinking businesses will do. I just can't imagine that many businesses going out and spending the kind of money on hardware and software development to pull this off. It reminds me of the big push to Linux on the desktop. You had a few big companies and municipalities make big commitments to Linux on the desktop and a few years later [crickets].