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    , spivonious wrote


    I think they made the right tradeoffs in order to save their consumer PC market.

    Um, fix your broken record. Pretty much every "unsuspecting customer" test showed that Win8 bedazzled them.

    Here's how it plays usually out:


    I heard from first couple of people who bought cheap (as majority of people do) Widows 8 laptops and boy the hate them! They can't find Start menu which for them means there are no apps in desktop mode. They go to App Store where they still can't find their favourite programs, or if they find and install they don't work way they expect (i.e. *Skype). They go to Internet (using Metro IE version) and it doesn't play videos on their favourite websites (flash). They open a file from desktop and it opens in full screen Metro app with no obvious way to close it...

    Obviously there are easy ways around all these issues, but normal people don't want (nor they should) to learn these things. One of them asked why her iPad is so easy and why Windows is getting more and more "difficult and confusing". And when I told that there now are Windows tablets which looks just like her new Windows machine she just laughed and said "never in my life" or something along these lines...


    *"Skype for Windows 8: A debacle"

    Windows 8 actually seems to repel the average consumer. For mega-obvious usuability issues which have been pointed out a million times (quite literally) in the past twelve months.

    Sales data begins to proof it.

    It has also been said countless of times that brute-forcing Metro would actually annoy people so much, that it would encourage them staying away from other Windows devices (logically). Just like it happened in this case.