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    To me Windows 8 just no longer feels "professional". It feels dumbed down, everything seems like it takes more time to do and it just isn't intuitive. Easy and obvious aren't the same things.

    Here is an example. Now I'm sure there is an easy way to make it work like I want it to, it just isn't obvious:

    So one thing I do is RDP to work a few days a week. In Windows 7 the RDP app was listed in the start menu due to it being used often. It also had a fly-out menu showing the MRU connections. So it was easy to connect to work.

    In W8, I have to go to the Metro start screen to start RDP. However the link there doesn't show MRU connections (what am I missing?). So I have to click on the main RDP link and then click the Show Options button to expand it down, then click on Open and then scroll all the way down to select the settings I want.

    Now I have a lot of applications. Because of that I don't want to pin RDP to the task bar. Yes if pinned, I can click + drag up and I can get the MRU list. However I don't want to pin it.

    So my next thought was to create a specific link to the RDP settings file in the Metro start screen. However it isn't clear to me how to do that. I tried right-clicking on the file but creating a shortcut simply placed it in the same folder. How do I get it to the Metro start screen? I even tried dragging the link to the bottom-left corner hoping the Metro start screen will open so I can drop it there. No luck.

    Yes maybe I'm just being stooped because I've only used W8 for 6 days now, but you'd think these things would be more intuitive.