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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    @wastingtimewithforums: Nice article. Nail meets hammer. For me it's pretty simple (remember this is just IMO):

    1. The desktop is legacy

    That's what they want. But this must be the first time in tech history where the successor tech is so much worse than the predecessor. Just see the list of regressions in my first post of this thread.


    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    2. Windows RT is an "also-ran": Poor performance, high price, few apps. This platform is dead right out of the gate.

    I think Microsoft wanted to accelerate the abandonment of the desktop with these WinRT only devices. Though, how that would work is a mystery to me. The Surface costs as much as the iPad for example, yet has far less useful apps and a somewhat uncertain future. Why would you buy that instead of an iPad + keyboard? Especially since the cheapest Surface doesn't even come with the Touchcover. In both cases the keyboard is essentialy an accessoire.

    Do they think the Win8 interface is so awesome, that people would buy just for that?

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    3. WP8: While it's sweet and slick if offers little over WP7 (and in some cases takes it a step backwards). We all know how poorly WP7 did in the market. WP8 doesn't seems to be doing much better.

    It takes a step backwards? Could you explain? I haven't occupied myself with the WP8 topic and have no idea what's going on with it.

    Anyway, here's a heretical thought: Maybe the reason people don't buy WP devices is that they just don't like them? For most people, a smartphone is still somewhat toyish, a mobile game console thing. And what's the Metro design about? Mono-color and artsy crap about how "typography is beautiful". Yeah, prime example of product meets target audience.. every Metro device so far failed (Zune, Kin, WP7..) maybe that could be a hint, huh?


    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    IMO, Microsoft's hope is pinned on Windows Pro 8. They need a broad adoption of tablets and other touch driven devices by both the consumer and business to drive up demand for Windows Store apps.

    I am still puzzled how that will work though. friggin' WPF is superior to WinRT. What do I begin with WPF - MFC can produce far more powerful products! You can't even resize the Metro apps, for God's sake.

    How do they think businesses will cozy up to this? How do you rewrite one of these huge custom biz apps with sprawling windows etc. for the Metro environment? And what about CAD, professional music software, 3D modelling, image manipulating, IDEs and the list goes on? No way! Seriously, they would rather migrate to Mac than that. At least the primary framework there allows you to program applications with more than one window and and you still have such cutting edge tech like.. drag and drop.. at your disposal.

    Even Microsoft proves it with their absolutely ridiculous apps in W8 (mail anyone?), that their Notro-All-The-Way goal has severe reality issues.

    And it's not like consumers are all just dumb Angry Birds addicted idiots. Tons of them run more complex software like Quicken and the like. What the hell is Microsoft expecting with all this? Seriously?

    Let's be frank: Their plan seems to be to convert all users into a 1980s style API, because on that technological ability level is the whole app-framework in Win8. That is the most retarded tech strategy ever put on paper IMO.