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    , spivonious wrote


    Can you provide a link for this? Android lets any app let the OS that it can be a share target, and then other apps automatically get the ability to share to it? This is a feature that has huge potential on W8. Same with search. I can be in any app, open the Search charm, type my search terms and then choose any other searchable app. This is great when I'm on the web, read about a certain app, and then can immediately search the Store for it.

    It's been a fundamental feature of Android for a long time. In an app? Bring up the options menus and select Share. It lists all app registered to share. To search any content providers on the device use the built in search feature (the spyglass icon) and it searches them all; contacts, calendar, web, etc. You want a web link for Android 101? Help yourself. I heard Bing works pretty good.

    I agree that not having the charms for desktop apps is a missed opportunity, but the devs would have had to rewrite their apps to support it anyway.

    The dev's having to add support for it in their apps is no excuse for Microsoft to not offer it. If it was release as part of the dev preview I'm sure a lot of the big players would have added to newer releases of their software (i.e. Office). If anything this hints to the desktop being legacy.

    Most people aren't going to be docking their tablets to larger screens. They'll have a PC and a tablet. What solution would you propose? I'd rather have the UI shift to support the higher resolution than stay a static grid of three tile-high columns.

    And IMO that ignores the biggest differentiator that Surface (and Windows 8 in general) has over the competition; replace your desktop with a tablet, create and consume.

    [facepalm] Why or why do people have to make icon/tile shifting such an unsolvable problem?!?!? Just have it remember the layout on a per resolution basis (docked/undocked). Anything new added that wasn't part of the saved view state gets put to the end of the grouping and the user will have to move it to where they want it for that resolution. After all they should be used to moving tiles with all of the f'ing grooming the start screen requires anyway.

    Office runs fine. We haven't seen the delayed typing issue in Word that I've seen on Youtube. I'm starting to wonder if the Surface has an outdated firmware.

    Whatever they had a Best Buy was laggy as hell in Office. Firmware is no excuse for Microsoft to not put out their best offering.