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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    Ah, come on. With a bit creative thinking (instead of political thinking, what MS did) you still could get the best of both worlds. How about a "professional mode" on WinRT devices: They can't run Win32 except for Office, but, you could unlock the ability - with huge scary "at your own risk" banners if needed.

    Bang. You would have a kick-a$$ device for the absolute beginners, and for the pros. Problem solved.

    Win8 could be great, yet MS took the most anal way with it possible, with every decision.

    while I have issues with windows 8  on this I do agree with the MS call on running stuff.

    the WinRT "pad"  should be a device that only runs touch apps that have been built for it.

    in fact if I had been on the inside at MS I would have even been saying that it's time to not even call it "Windows"  or to really make the "Windows" name a footnote. 

    Why?   cause this is a point where they can get away from a lot of bad history of machines that get infected with malware and have to get techs and or special software to clean up the bad stuff.  and the old BSOD stuff.

    one of the things that has made the Mac OS and iOS relatively free of malware and crashes has been the limited set of hardware drivers and the lock down on the iPhone / iPad software.

    is it perfect? no but what is ?

    the goal for WInRT / surface right now is to get a large base of not tech / non geek / non pro users to buy them and then go buy apps for them thus creating a new market for us developers to write apps for.

    if that works I will be very happy with that.