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    , evildictait​or wrote


    I don't get this. Metro apps were never supposed to be a replacement for "normal" desktop apps. They were supposed to regain ground from smartphones.

    The only people saying that "Metro is the future" and the "desktop is deprecated" are people who haven't engaged their brain or have bought into a lot of FUD being slung around the Internet (there's a lot of people who construct scenarios whereby Microsoft "fails" just to revel in it).

    Win8 still runs apps written for Win95. Apps written for the Win8 desktop will still work long after you have run out of customers for your current offering 10 years from now on Win13.

    The reason Microsoft isn't talking about or providing huge support for LOB apps in Metro-land is because Microsoft don't think that LOB apps are a good fit to the metro model.

    Metro is for games (like angry-birds), tablet apps (like finger painting) and for dashboards. The reason it's hard for you to move a 300-form LOB app to Metro is because it doesn't fit there, and nor was it ever supposed to.

    Well, maybe Microsoft should stop making the lifes of desktop users miserable then? We all saw more of enough rants of all the various, real unpleasant issues Win8 brings to the desktop.

    If the desktop is just as much "the future" as Metro, then Microsoft shouldn't treat it like the red haired stepchild. And no one * cares about "UI unification", because the way it's done in Windows 8 is full of stupid compromises. Most of the desktop issues could be solved quite easily, even with Metro on top. It's only Microsoft stubbornness that is at fault here, not a design necessity.

    Windows 8 is schizo. All this talk about how the desktop, Win32 and "classic" .NET are still highly important, yet the OS does everything to marginalize those and make them a hassle to use.

    And as long as this is the case, the "negativity" surrounding Windows 8 will persist.