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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    Android has both a search and share feature that I'm sure the latter was the basis for W8's share. There's no advantage in W8 as the knuckleheads didn't extend it to the desktop.

    Can you provide a link for this? Android lets any app let the OS that it can be a share target, and then other apps automatically get the ability to share to it? This is a feature that has huge potential on W8. Same with search. I can be in any app, open the Search charm, type my search terms and then choose any other searchable app. This is great when I'm on the web, read about a certain app, and then can immediately search the Store for it.

    I agree that not having the charms for desktop apps is a missed opportunity, but the devs would have had to rewrite their apps to support it anyway.

    Live tiles are a hot mess. It's hard to distinguish one from another as many use photos for the time and do not include a clear icon or name on the tile. Furthermore when your screen changes resolution (i.e. when you dock you tablet and use and external display) the tiles all get shifted and the landmarks you relied on are lost. They learned nothing from the issue of icons on the desktop and changing resolutions; another opportunity lost.

    Yes, the icons/names need to be bigger on the tiles. I do confuse the Photos, News, and Travel apps, as they all scroll through images.

    Most people aren't going to be docking their tablets to larger screens. They'll have a PC and a tablet. What solution would you propose? I'd rather have the UI shift to support the higher resolution than stay a static grid of three tile-high columns.

    Picture password makes for great commercials but like most Christmas presents it becomes unappreciated quickly.

    Tell that to my wife. It's much easier to unlock a tablet with some gestures than typing in a password.

    I don't think you're going to see a lot of desktop productivity apps "re-imagined" as Windows 8 Store Apps because the Windows 8 Store App environment isn't productive.

    There is no reason that Metro can't support productivity apps.

    Try Office. It sucks and is the one differentiator that WinRT actually offers.

    Office runs fine. We haven't seen the delayed typing issue in Word that I've seen on Youtube. I'm starting to wonder if the Surface has an outdated firmware.