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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    C: "But isn't Office a normal Windows application as well? I have it on my PC, and it looks exactly like the one on this device. If Office works on this, why can't I use my other programs as well?"

    S: "You see, this thing has a so-called ARM processor, and Microsoft has decided that [...]"

    Wrong. Windows RT is perfectly capable of running desktop programs ARM or not, just so long as you specified ARM as the target output of Visual Studio; the code is all there so that you could hapilly run WoW or Firefox or Open Office or Visual Studio - and indeed I've actually written desktop apps for pre-release Windows RT and they "just work" out of Visual Studio - whether you LoadLibrary or CreateFile or DeviceIOControl or not.

    The reason you can't run those on Windows RT isn't because Windows RT can't, it's because Microsoft won't let you.

    That's the bit that pi*sses me off. Microsoft is playing stupid politics with the Windows RT devices; there's no technical reason why it has to suck. It just sucks because someone at Microsoft decided it should.