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    , fanbaby wrote

    Here is my definition of a Microsoft fanboy:

    1. You thought IE6/7/8 were great, and Firefox was just a fad
    2. When you feel adventurous, you whip up notepad
    3. You think C# is the greatest thing in CS, and you wouldn't be caught dead programming in: Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP etc.
    4. You used to use FrontPage to create IE-only sites, then you moved to using WebForms to create shitty sites with this god-sent INNOVATION called postback (is it also patented?).
    5. This past few years you were highly disrupted by those pesky open-source guys and tools.
      EDIT: And you pray for a Microsoft comeback even if it is in the form of a lame patent troll. 

    Sorry if i missed a few or wasn't very eloquent, I'M PISSED Sad

    1. Firefox was just another browser.  I don't collect software like some reality show hoarder, so I used what worked.
    2. I have no idea what this means.  You are misusing the term 'whip up'.
    3. Again, I don't hoard languages, either.  C#, and more generally, .Net has a vastly superior ecosystem over any of the other technologies you mention.
    4. I didn't waste time on web technologies until they matured past the .asp and cold fusion stage.  Until the 21st century, most web developers were worthless hacks who tarnished the reputations of skilled developers.
    5. The past few years in the .Net ecosystem have been awesome.  Now that the framework has matured and professional design patterns and practices have proliferated, even the open source code doesn't suck as much as it usually did.

    What that all you had?