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    , ScanIAm wrote


    1. Firefox was just another browser.  I don't collect software like some reality show hoarder, so I used what worked.
    2. I have no idea what this means.  You are misusing the term 'whip up'.
    3. Again, I don't hoard languages, either.  C#, and more generally, .Net has a vastly superior ecosystem over any of the other technologies you mention.
    4. I didn't waste time on web technologies until they matured past the .asp and cold fusion stage.  Until the 21st century, most web developers were worthless hacks who tarnished the reputations of skilled developers.
    5. The past few years in the .Net ecosystem have been awesome.  Now that the framework has matured and professional design patterns and practices have proliferated, even the open source code doesn't suck as much as it usually did.

    What that all you had?

    I started using Firefox back in 2004 - compared to the then three year-old IE6 it was a breath of fresh air - tabbed browsing, extensions, developer-friendly features, and adblock. Firefox wasn't "just another browser" - it pioneered the future and brought on the second browser wars.

    On the third point, I'd wager that web "development" matured sometime around 2007 - before then "web people" could be split into "web designers" using Dreamweaver with little real programming experience and formal CS instruction and "web developers" using Visual Studio or a Java equivalent, people who wouldn't know good design if it hit them in the face. Things have since tremendously improved: the 'designers' have caught on to first-class client scripting with things like jQuery and Mootools, and the developers have finally learned that <table border="1"> is not good.