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    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    There are plenty of skeptics on the future of the iPad model though, including myself, even though its popular among bloggers.

    And there are WMDs in Iraq too. Microsoft would love for this problem to just go away but it won't. Balmer said the iPhone was a fad. Bill didn't pay attention to the internet. How many times is Microsoft going to make the same lack-of-vision mistake? Microsoft has a lot of great talent and has shown it's capable of putting out some really great software but always seems to lack  vision at the top. I thought that problem was fixed when Ray Ozzie joined Microsoft but now that he's gone IMO Microsoft will continue to just not get it. Window 8 will ship on ARM driven slates in a year or two, will run like crap relative to their competition, and Microsoft will label them as a success (Yeah! Windows runs on ARM!) rather than look at the sales numbers. When they do they'll say "well we still own the desktop". At that point people will have worked around not having Office on their tablets and Microsoft will be left holding a marginalized set of products. Of course that's just my opinion...