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View Thread: Microsoft: we won't do a tablet OS until its distinctive
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    Blue Ink

    Handwriting recognition is still somewhat slower than typing, and keeping it real-time on a mobile processor might make things even worse. So, if we are talking about writing an URL, or entering numbers on an Excel sheet, an on-screen keyboard is definitely more convenient (except for the obvious fact that the keyboard will take a sizable portion of the screen).

    Yet, provided that the stylus is fast and accurate, and that the user can write using an actual pen, there is an application where a stylus is unbeatable, and that's taking notes as ink. All that's required is basic ink manipulation (with reflow), to insert, delete, change, annotate and reorganize your scribbles; handwriting recognition would be nice, but even a simple background task that grabs what it can for indexing purposes would suffice... and voilĂ , an infinite (kind of) and searchable (again, kind of) notepad.

    Yes, we already discussed all that, when the Courier was still around, and no, I haven't given up hope.