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View Thread: Microsoft: we won't do a tablet OS until its distinctive
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    , exoteric wrote


    "This just in: company refuses to shoot itself in its foot; and in related news: company plans to produce useable product!" Wink

    Let's just assume common-sense is at work here, shall we? Smiley

    Tablets require different UX's - hopefully noone thinks there's a one-size fits all. For that matter even mainstream operating systems could use new UI metaphors. We've been stuck with the same basic UI metaphors for ages, with only minor revisions. Surely there's room for improvement between here and Minority Report without too much ingenuity needed. Also, Android is doing some good things in the UX space (as is WP7), so I can't imagine the next version of Windows in a UX status quo. The new taskbar is nice, but still a minor revision on my oppinion.

    I think there could be a UX adaptive to both tablet and desktop use. The Metro look certainly looks good (and visually presents information well) in either case, and adjusting between the two scenarios might just require a few tweaks.